Q. Where will I be based?
A. Many of the vacancies are based in Italy however we have vacancies across Europe. We place people where we consider you to be best suited. Some of the factors we take into consideration the length of your availability, if you have a car, caravan or motorhome, experience and number of units on the campsite.

Q. How long is the season?
A. The campsites will open and close on different dates therefore the length of the season can vary between about 5-10 months.

Q. Do I need to have experience in this type of work?
A. No, we are looking for enthusiastic hard-working people with good communication skills.
Q. What skills do I need for this job?
A. Good customer service skills, Basic D.I.Y (using a screwdriver), Cleaning to high standard.

Q. Is there an age restriction?
A. Yes, the minimum age is 18 at the start of your contract, but we have no upper limit. We must point out that some of the work, especially at the start and the end of the season can be very physical so therefore applicants must be fit and healthy.

Q. Can couples apply together and will they be placed on the same campsite?
A. Yes, we accept applications from couples and we always keep couples together during the main season however if you are part of the winter work teams at the start or the end of the season we cannot guarantee that you will work together although you will still be placed on the same campsite.

Q. Do I need to speak any Languages?
A. Yes, you must be able to speak, read and write English to a good level. Any additional language skills would be an advantage.

Q. What training will I receive?
A. Yes, Training is provided in all aspects of the job.

Q. What is the monthly pay?
A. Your monthly minimum fee will be £800 on a PAYE basis, your monthly fee is dependent on location and number of units. In addition to your monthly fee you have the opportunity for commission. 

Q. Working Hours?
A. At the beginning and the end of the season working hours can be more planned. During the season the key is flexibility there will be busy & quiet  days.

Q. Do I get a fixed day off?
A. No, although you will get a day off each week. Flexibility is important.

Q. Who pays for me to get to site?
A. A Contribution to your travel is made for your outbound and homebound journeys. This is paid on satisfactory completion of your contract, if you fail to finish your contract no payment is made.

Q. If I am flying, how do I get to site?
A. When it is possible a representative of European Campsite Services Limited will meet you at the airport. In the small cases this is not possible we can help you arrange public transport.

Q. If I bring a car/ motorhome.
A. Please remember that you will need to have insurance in place for the entire period that you are abroad and that your MOT will not expire as it is not possible to MOT a car in a country it is not registered to.

Q. Why do I need to be able to ride a bike?
A. We show our customers into their accommodation and on some campsites, receptions may not be near the accommodation therefore we provide bikes for you to travel around your campsite. 

Q. Where do I live?
A. Most Live areas are onsite but, in a few cases, live areas are at nearby locations. If you bring your own caravan/ motorhome a pitch will be provide. If you do not have your own accommodation a live unit will be provided for you. dependent on site this can be a tent, caravan or mobile home. If you choose to live in a company accommodation £60 per person deposit will be taken from you and returned at the end of the season when your accommodation is returned in good order.

Q. Do I pay for services?
A. No. Gas, Electric, Water and use of shower blocks are provided.

Q. Can I use the campsite facilities?
A. Dependent on campsite, most campsites have no problem with you using pools etc however this is not guaranteed.

Q. Are gas bottles and regulators the same as the UK?
A. No, European Campsite Services Management team will be happy to advise you on this.

Q. Can I bring my pet(s)?
A. Dogs are allowed on some campsites but this will limit you to available campsites and your dog will be your responsibility whilst on site.

Q. What do I need to bring with me?
A. Bed Linen, we also recommend you bring a sleeping bag or duvet. Old clothes for cleaning as you may not receive your uniform straight away depending on your arrival date. Winter and Summer clothes. We are always able to advise you on any other items.

Q. Can I bring my laptop etc with me?
A. Yes, but these are your responsibility and not all live accommodation will be secure as tents cannot be locked. We therefore suggest that you bring a limited number of valuable items.

Q. Do all Campsites have WIFI?
A. No, most campsites have WIFI or WIFI areas that can be used normally at a cost, cost dependent on campsite. Most UK sims now work in Europe at the same cost. It is also easy to purchase a sim card in the country you are working in at a reasonable price. Management will be happy to advise you on the best provider.